Disruption for the good of humanity!

Is the future here yet?

Welcome to the new world.  The age of uncertainty. Where jobs are temporary, contracts are short, and we are all agile and innovative.  And we are all supposed to be grateful for it.  According to people in well paid, often tenured positions, that is.

I will introduce myself later – I mean, there is no need to rush – but let me give you a brief taste of what this is about.


Of course, the clue is in the title. But I’m not claiming to be the top goober, but someone who has decided to check out working for Uber.  One of the new disruptors in the paid passenger transportation space.  Breaking the mould, shaking up the old models, and delivering something better for all – passengers, Ubers owners and shareholders, and apparently the drivers too (and that’s what I’ll be checking).


And why goober?  Well because I guess I’m a lot smarter than most of your average Uber drivers.  And I truly don’t mean that in a snobbish way, but given my education and career background most people think I really should be able to find more gainful and rewarding employment than driving people around in my car in order to try and make a quid. But I’ll admit, I’m currently struggling to find those opportunities, and I know I’m not the only one.

So when it comes to the capabilities required to finding a new, worthwhile job, a goober I would appear to be!   So that’s me.  The Uber Goober.  And this is my blog.